MacOS for developers: Pain points.

1) “gem install” doesn’t work

$ gem install timetrap
ERROR: While executing gem ... (Gem::FilePermissionError)
You don't have write permissions for the /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.6.0 directory.

2) “pip install” works, but executables not in PATH

$ pip3 install jupyterlab
[...] success
$ jupyter-lab
zsh: command not found: jupyter-lab
export PATH="$HOME/Library/Python/3.8/bin:$PATH"

3) Git rename lowerCase to upperCase

Extra work to change case of a filename in git on MacOS

4) Installing apps: no official package manager

Official VSCode installation instructions for MacOS
All apps on Mac are installed by drag and dropping a file into “Applications” folder
An example of a GUI app installer on MacOS
Endless problems with PATH…
You can’t just open downloaded executables…

5) Want to compile a C file in terminal? Requires XCode GUI…

6) Uninstalling apps

You may need to delete the app’s preferences from your Library folder.

First, you need to access the Library folder — this has been hidden by default since Mac OS X 10.6…

There are shareware utilities that promise to do all the hard work of tracking down errant app files and delete them for you.
[…] like CleanMyMac X, Uninstaller, AppCleaner, AppDelete and CleanApp.

7) It is not possible to completely hide the bottom panel (“Dock”)

“Dock” — the bottom panel

Turning it off completely is pretty much a no-go without breaking OS X in the process.

The best I can suggest is keeping the dock hidden, and make the size as small as possible so you’re less likely to trigger it.

8) Unix commands are different from Linux: mv, ps, sed

$ ps --sort=-pcpu
ps: illegal option -- -
usage: ps [-AaCcEefhjlMmrSTvwXx] [-O fmt | -o fmt] [-G gid[,gid...]]
[-g grp[,grp...]] [-u [uid,uid...]]
[-p pid[,pid...]] [-t tty[,tty...]] [-U user[,user...]]
ps [-L]

9) Charging from the left side of laptop results in 400% CPU load by kernel_task

10) You can’t delete Apple TV, Safari, QuickTime




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